Crazy Vegas Casino Details for Online Real Money Players

The Crazy Vegas Casino online gambling venue is home to one of the most extensive selections of progressive jackpot slot machines currently online. Plus, an enormous selection of standard play slot machines is also offered, making the website a central hub for those who love their slots. Don’t forget to check out also the range of table games, including blackjack and roulette. A minimum deposit requirement of twenty Euros is in effect on this website.

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Caribbean Stud Poker Introduction

Caribbean stud is a casino card game that is very similar to the game of standard 5-card stud poker. The main difference between these two games is that players of Caribbean stud wager against the game’s dealer instead of against fellow players, changing the dynamic of the game.

The probable origin of Caribbean stud dates back to the 1980’s, where one David Sklansky claims to have popularised a card game of his own creation with players on cruise ships travelling around Aruba. Sklansky’s creation then evolved into the popular game of Caribbean stud poker that is featured in land-based casinos globally, and also online.

How to Play Caribbean Stud

A game of Caribbean stud poker begins by players placing their ante bets on the table, and also an additional, optional bet on the game’s progressive jackpot. Once players have placed their bets, the dealer will deal each player 5 cards facing down. The dealer will also receive 5 face-down cards, one which he will flip over to face upright. Players may now see their hand of cards, and may choose to play or fold, depending on their hands. If players wish to play their hand, they must raise their bets to double the value of their ante bets placed at the beginning of the game.

Once players have chosen to raise or fold their bets, the dealer will reveal his 4 face-down hole cards. The dealer must have a winning poker hand of at least an Ace-King combination or better in order to qualify. If a player holds a better hand, he or she will win the game and is automatically paid out accordingly.

Progressive Jackpot

Players will win the progressive jackpot by holding a hand of a Flush or better. If players wagered on the progressive jackpot at the start of the game, they must produce a Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House or Flush in order to qualify for an additional payout

Winning Card Hands

The winning hands in a game of Caribbean stud are the same as those in a standard game of poker. Winning hands include Pair, Two Pair, Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind, Straight Flush and Royal Flush hands.

Caribbean Stud Poker Games Online

As well as being available for play at many land-based casinos, Caribbean stud is also available to online players, who can find the game at most online casinos offering table games. These games offer unique online features such as 3D animation and graphics, and can be accessed anywhere, provided that players possess a suitable laptop, computer or tablet and an internet connection.

Online players can play Caribbean stud for real money and for play money, with play money versions allowing them to test out the various Caribbean stud games available before choosing one to play for real money. Certified online casinos offer secure banking services protected by encryption technology and protected servers, ensuring safety of players’ information when funding their wagering online. There are also a number of bonus offers available to online Caribbean stud players, including welcome and deposit bonuses that may be awarded when registering to play with an online casino.

Mobile Poker Games

Additionally, mobile phone based players can also play Caribbean stud poker, as many online casinos Canada offer mobile-friendly site versions and games, and even downloadable apps that are compatible with many mobile device brands.

Cowboy Treasure Online Slots Game Explained

Cowboy Treasure is an online slots games that centres around a western theme – think sheriff’s badges, steam trains and horses. It is common for slots games to each offer their own, unique theme. This is especially true of the slots games that live online, as there is just so many of them that it becomes important for games producers to come up with new content that will remain memorable to its players.

Cowboy Treasure is a prime example of this fact, as the theme itself is a throwback to yesteryear, when the wild, wild west was more than just an action movie. Find out more about the game’s structure, symbols and general overview below.

Slots Structure

When it comes to the overall structure of the game, Cowboy Treasure keeps it simple. With five reels and as many paylines, the game is a good platform for beginners and first-time players to experiement on. However, should an advanced player wish to play the game too, there are also several options for advancements, as well as plenty of opportunities for players to secure bonus rounds, free spins and play around with additional features. Cowboy Treasure is as simple or as complicated as any particular player wants it to be.

Symbols and Extra Features

The symbols displayed on the reels of Cowboy Treasure are a tribute to the old days of the west. The main ones to look out for, however, include the Wild symbol (representd by the sheriff’s badge), which can take the place of any other symbol on the reel, the scatter symbol (represnted by the gold ring), which can initiate the Gamble round, during which players are able to double or even triple their winnings, depending on what level of the game they may be on. However, these extra features are only available on the games played for real money and not the free play option.

Play for Free

Players of Cowboy Treasure have the option to decide whether they want to play for fun or to play for real money. The former is ideal for those looking to gain more experience on the reels, while the latter opens up opportunities to win actual money. As mentioned above, certain features are available to players playing for real money and not to those who are opting out of gambling with cash. However, either option does allow for advancement within the game itself.

Cowboy Treasure offers players a journey back through time, straight into the days of the wild west. Although the game’s structure may be simple, it also makes room for advancements and extra features, as well as bonus rounds like in online AFL premiership betting and free spins. This online slots game can be played from a multitude of platforms, including mobile phones, tablet devices, laptop computers and desktops. The game can be accessed fairly quickly, just as long as a stable, steady internet connection is present. And because the internet never shuts down, Cowboy Treasure can also be played at any time of the day or night.

Cleopatra’s Gold Online Slots Explained

Cleopatra’s Gold is an online slots game that is powered by Real Time Gaming and features five reels, three rows and twenty different pay lines. The winning combinations will only be paid out if they land on an enabled pay line. Only the highest valued combination will be paid per pay line and the value will be multiplied by the bet for that specific pay line. If there are multiple winning combinations on different pay lines, the totals will be added together including any wins produced from the scatter symbols.

The bet per pay line is limited to only one coin but the denomination of the coin can vary from 0.01 to 5.00. These can be selected by using the arrows that are situated next to the lines button. Anywhere from one to twenty pay lines can be bet on and the lines button is used to select the desired pay lines. Cleopatra’s Gold has an auto play feature that can be selected to spin the reels a predetermined number of times. Each spin will use the same bet amount on the same pay lines until the feature is stopped.

Cleopatra’s Gold Reel Symbols

The theme of Cleopatra’s Gold is based on the Egyptian queen and her riches. The reels are set on a view of the desert and display a variety of colourful Egyptian styled symbols. The themed symbols include the eye of Horus, a scarab beetle, the ankh cross, Egyptian jewels, Cleopatra, a pyramid and the Egyptian cat god. The lower valued symbols are made up of the high playing cards nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace.

Cleopatra’s Gold Wild Symbol

The symbol that displays the Egyptian queen is the one that acts as the Cleopatra’s Gold wild symbol. This symbol can substitute any of the other paying symbols to create a winning combination except for the symbols that trigger bonus rounds. All winning amounts are doubled on any winning combinations that result from a wild symbol acting as a replacement. When five of the Cleopatra symbols land consecutively on any pay line the highest jackpot of 10,000 coins is awarded.

Cleopatra’s Gold Scatters and Free Spins

The Cleopatra’s Gold scatter symbols are represented by the pyramid symbols at Canadian online casinos. These pyramids need to land three or more times to activate the free spins bonus round. Fifteen free spins are awarded with a 3x multiplier on all free spin wins. If another three, four or five pyramid symbols land on the reels then an additional set of free spins is activated. The pyramid symbols also result in an immediate pay out when two or more land on the reels. The total bet is multiplied by a multiplier which depends on the number of pyramids that have landed. Two pyramids pay 2x the bet, three pay 5x the bet, four pay 20x the bet and five will pay 500x the bet.

Cleopatra’s Gold Progressive Jackpot Prize

Cleopatra’s Gold online slots is involved in a progressive jackpot. The amount of the current jackpot is displayed at the top of the screen, this amount continues to grow until it is won then it starts at the minimum amount again. The progressive jackpot is awarded randomly when it is triggered at the end of any spin.

Introduction to Online Casino Gaming Real Money Slots

For many people, playing casino games online means playing for free. While playing the latest slot games for free can be fun, if you want to stand a chance to win big, playing for real money is what online gambling is really all about. In the Philippines, online casinos offer player huge opportunities to win big at home or on the go. In the notes below we take a look at how to play the latest online casino games play for real money slots at the easy way. Continue reading

Online Casino Bonus Codes and Promotions

In Canada, playing online casino games can be fun and extremely rewarding. While almost every online casino offers players the opportunity to play for free, winning real money online is what online gambling is really all about. There are many benefits to playing for real money. For starters, you have the opportunity to win big by playing your favourite slots or table games. Playing for real money also means that you get rewarded every time you play online. In the notes below, we are going to look at how online casino bonus codes work and how to get the most out of casino promotions. Continue reading

Pin Up Girls Online Slot Review for Internet Casino Gaming Enthusiasts

Players will be able to enjoy a spot of time travel when they take up Pin Up Girls online slots, as the game takes for its theme the style of the 1950s, and features beautiful women bedecked in the fashions that would have been popular during this period. These gorgeous gals are joined by the game’s single male character, a well-dressed; wide-eyed; suit-wearing individual and players will be forgiven for marvelling at his luck at being joined by such lovely lasses.

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Piggy Fortunes Online Slots from Microgaming

One of the most famous fairytales of all time is reinterpreted for real money fun by Microgaming with their Piggy Fortunes online slots game. The well-known story of the antics of the three little pigs is one that many players will have fond memories of from their childhoods, and this has been reworked in a blaze of first-rate graphics; gameplay and features to deliver big money wins to players all around the world.

Gameplay for Piggy Fortunes Online Slots

The gameplay for Piggy Fortunes online slots is very easy, and there are 25 winlines extended across five reels for players to enjoy. Among the more important icons for play are the houses that the heroes built; the pig themselves and the wolf, and the lower-value playing card symbols that so many online slots games make use of.

There are a number of worthwhile bonuses and extra rounds like free spins as well as a wild symbol available for Piggy Fortunes online slots. The big bad wolf functions as the wild, and this symbol is able to stand in for all of the others during play, excepting that of the scatter pigs, helping the player form winning combinations on his or her reels. The scatter symbol is that of the three little pigs.

Bonus Features for Piggy Fortunes Online Slots

The three little pigs scatter is the key for the free spins feature, and these are able to be retriggered by the player as well. Three of these landing on the reels will activate free spins play, and the big bad wolf will make the multiplier for the round known, with totals of two; three or four available, by huffing and puffing and blowing one of the piggy’s homes down. The free spins will continue to mount until all of the houses are flattened simultaneously. This occurs when the wolf icon lands alongside one of the icons representing a house (famously made of straw; wood and brick).

Players who are able to land three of the scatter symbols will then be able to rebuild one of the wrecked houses, and, since the bonus game comes to an end when all of the houses have been blown down by the malicious big bad wolf, the more homes that the player is able to rebuild, the longer the bonus feature will last.

The multipliers for this part of Piggy Fortunes play are applied as follows:

  • The wolf wrecking a house made of straw will award the player a multiplier of two for all of the winning he or she is able to accrue
  • A multiplier of three will be added to all a player’s Aussie slots online winnings when a wooden house is the one that gets wrecked
  • When the big bad wolf destroys a brick house, a multiplier of four will be added to his or her prize money for the round

Jackpot and Coin Denominations for Piggy Fortunes

Players will have a good deal of choice when they sit down to play Piggy Fortunes online slots from Microgaming, with as many as 15 coins per payline being provided for and a wide range of coin values, extending between 0.01 and 0.2 being extended.

A Guide to iPad Farkle Casino Option for Players

The iPad’s large screen and excellent graphics make it a good device on which to play farkle online. The classic, maddening dice game can be rendered with realistic animations and sound effects in iPad farkle casino versions, and the touchscreen makes play quick and easy, compared to trying to pick the dice to be held with a mouse of scrollpad.

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