Introducing You about Cash Wizard Online Slot Machine

Powered by Bally Technologies, Cash Wizard is a 5 reel and 30 payline online slots game. This game is set with a bit of a magical theme, with a few bonus features to take note of.

There is a jackpot which can clock up to around 200 times your original bet, with betting amounts from as little as 0.50 and up to 50.00 credits a spin.

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Know about the Features of Robin Hood Online Slot

The legend of Robin Hood is one familiar to most people, and the idea of stealing from the rich in order to give to the poor certainly appeals to our modern outlook on equality for all.  The story of Robin Hood and his merry band of men (or co-outlaws) is set in the Sherwood Forest, a royal forest located in Nottinghamshire, England. Legend has it that Robin Hood was an exemplary archer and skilled swordsman, employing his faculties largely for the good of the group.  This heroic desperado and the values that he stood for, is the inspiration behind Robin Hood online slots.

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Deeper Details about Pokies for Players Online

A quick visit to any online casino which accepts players from New Zealand will make it abundantly clear that there are literally hundreds and thousands of online pokies available to choose from. This can make it incredibly difficult to decide on which would be the best to play, and many players find themselves feeling overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the task. However, we have good news for you as we have put together this guide to the most popular online pokies which should help you narrow down your search for your new favourite!

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Play Rubiks Online Slots with a Guide

In 1974, trying to solve a structural engineering problem for a mechanism that had to rotate in three dimensions around a central pivot, Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Erno Rubik invented the Rubik’s Cube: the gadget that gives online casino game Rubiks Slot its name. He painted the six faces in contrasting colours, so that the movements of individual blocks could be tracked, and the first time he tried to unscramble it, he realised he had invented a new toy.

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Pirates Paradise Online Slots from NeoGames

There can be no doubt as to the theme for Pirates Paradise online slots from NeoGames, thanks to the informative title for the game and the fact that the background is made up of an enormous pile of treasure and jewels, presumably looted from various hapless victims sailing the seven seas. Play unfolds during a time period when some of the greatest pirates in history plundered the oceans, with pirates living lives of swashbuckling debauchery at the expense of those foolish enough to cross their paths.

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Pink Panther Online Slots from Playtech

Pink Panther online slots from Playtech is one of the funniest, most engaging games to have been created by this developer. It includes the famous introduction video that players will immediately recognise from the films, and, once this has been completed, the hero is revealed, leaning on the left-hand side of the first reel. The colour choice is an obvious one, and loads of pink has been worked into the theme by means of the controls and the reels’ background.

There are 50 paylines available for Pink Panther and it is a wildly popular game with slots enthusiasts worldwide, not just because of the amusing theme, but also thanks to the enormous progressive jackpot available by means of it. It is because of this prize that it is recommended that players stick to the maximum bets during the game, since doing so allows them to take advantage to the greatest extent of the possible benefits. The available denominations have a wide range, extending from 0.01 to 2 per payline, and the maximum limit for credits for each payline is ten. This allows players to engage for as much as 800 per spin if the top figure bets are in place.

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Pieces of Eight Online Slots from Saucify

Pieces of Eight, as can be inferred from the title, is a pirate-themed slots game, and Saucify developers are behind the stepped-up graphics and finely rendered background detail the game provides. The reels are set against an image of a world map, and there is a pick-em game on offer, centred on treasure chests, that offers players the chance to boost their bankrolls quite significantly. Since many slots game from these developers include only a free spins feature, the second bonus game available for this one is a plus for players.

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Playing Free Slots, Cleopatra has Possibilities

Cleopatra is one of the most successful slots titles created by IGT, to the extent that the developer wasted no time in bringing out a sequel, Cleopatra II. The original title, themed around the legendary Egyptian queen and her kingdom’s riches, is still played online and in land-based casinos by thousands of people every day, all over the world.

Even for those who stick to free slots, Cleopatra is an exciting option. In free casinos, where bets and wins are made in credits only, among the free slots Cleopatra remains popular. This is partly because of the game’s exquisitely coloured, eye-catching design, swathed in the luxury of Egypt, and partly because of the prizes and bonuses on offer.

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