A Guide to Playing Online Roulette Games at Real Money Casino Sites

Roulette games are a classic addition to casino floors across the world. Its name originates from the French term roulette, which means ‘little wheel’. The first roulette game prototype was created in the 17th century by the French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal during his quest to create a contraption that could achieve perpetual motion. Roulette games, nowadays believed to be an amalgamation of similar English, French and Italian gambling games, soon became renowned as an enjoyable activity in France, and the game’s popularity would spread across Europe and the United States of America into the 19th century to create the same exciting roulette games enjoyed across the globe today.

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An Exclusive Guide to Playing Online Slots UK

If you have ever been inside a live casino, you will know that the most commonly played casino game is the slot machine. Slots have been around for many years and have entertained players both young and old. When online casinos first arrived on the scene, slot games became the most success of all the casino games to go digital. Today millions of players in the UK and around the world play slots game online every day. With the rise of mobile technology, more and more people have become independent of their laptops and computers. In the UK, people have started using their tablets and smartphones to shop and play online. This is especially true for casino and slots games. Mobile slots casinos give Brits the chance to play slots games for free or for real money directly from their tablet or smartphone any time they want.

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Blackjack Single Deck Card Game by NetEnt Reviewed Online

Not many people realise this but it is actually possible to play Blackjack with more than one standard 52-card deck. In fact, some of Net Entertainment Blackjack variants like Blackjack Pro and Blackjack Double Exposure can use up to eight decks.

If playing a game with that many variables involved sounds intimidating, it’s because it should. The more cards there are in deck, the more confusing the game becomes – especially for beginners.

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