An Introduction To Play Online Keno


Keno dates back to over 3 000 years where it began during the Han Dynasty. It is a lottery style game that was used to raise funds for the war as the ruler, Cheung Leung had depleted the taxes. It is also said that Keno was played to raise funds for the construction of the Great Wall of China.

The rules of how to play Keno were no different to how they are today but the original Keno board consisted of one hundred and twenty Chinese characters instead of numbers. The eighty random numbers came about when Chinese sailors took the game to the shores of America where the characters were replaced for numbers as the Americans could not understand them. From then on the game became a huge success and spread to the rest of the world and with the advent of the internet the game became even more accessible and is now a very popular online game.

The Rules to Playing Keno

Knowing the rules of the mobile keno game makes knowing how to play Keno much simpler. The rules on how to play Keno are the same whether the game is played live, via a video feed or online. The only difference with regards to playing Keno in various places may be how many numbers will be allowed to be picked on the Keno board. This amount varies between online casinos but may ten, fifteen or twenty.

How to Play the Keno Game

There are eighty numbers positioned randomly across the board and each board has a different setup. The rules on how to play Keno allow a pick of usually ten, fifteen or twenty numbers. After the selection process has occurred random number generator software will ensure a fair draw of up to twenty numbers. As the numbers are drawn they either match a picked number or they don’t. If they match they will change in colour or become highlighted to show that they have matched. In order to win there needs to be as many matching numbers as possible. The same pick of numbers can be used for the next draw if desired or a new pick of numbers can be selected. This can be done by using the play or the clear buttons.

Winning with the Keno Game

Any number of matching numbers may award a pay out. The pay outs are determined by the value of the specific matching numbers and how many of the matching numbers were a match with those drawn. All the pay out details are visible on the online Keno game’s pay table which is important to peruse as knowing what to expect with regards to better valued numbers and possible pay outs adds to the knowledge of how to play Keno. Keno is a game that requires little skill and wins are based mostly on chance. There is not much strategy to the game but betting on certain numbers and hoping for a match can have increased odds by having a better understanding of the pay table. As an example there are better odds of matching two to eight numbers as opposed to the incredible low odds of matching all twenty numbers.

Android Pokies Available at your Fingertips


There is a certain mystical and magical sense that one gets when spinning the wheel on a slot machine. It is a compilation of the sounds the machine makes, the anticipation of the win and actual spinning of the wheel that sends us into almost a trance of excitement. Pokies are a pastime in many parts of the world and they will always be an integral part of any casino be it online or traditionally built.

Pokies are one of the most enjoyed games that are played at any casino. Android pokies are the slot machines that can be found at any of the top android casinos that are available to all players looking to enjoy casino games on their android devices. These android pokies allow players the opportunity to enjoy the full effects of slot machines directly from their android phones or tablets or any other device that has the android operating systems attached to it.

Popular Mobile Pokies

Mobile pokies can be played the same way that any slot machines can be played around the world and the android operating system has been taken into account when the design for this was made. Therefore players will have access to a clean and user friendly navigation panel that will clearly show the amount of credit remaining, the bets that can be made as well as the slot machine itself. This is accompanied by an array of the top graphics and sound quality to generate that authentic casino experience.

Android pokies remain one of the most popular forms of online gambling as players are able to enjoy the streamlined slot machine experience as well as the real money gambling experience that is so popular globally.

Find an Android Pokies Site

Android pokies come in two main forms. Players are able to enjoy the online versions that can be played through their android device’s browser with the built in browser application or they are able to download an app from online real money pokies Australia, that has the android pokies in it. Either way, the experience is the same when making use of the top rated pokies for android devices world-wide.

The top android pokies can be found online by doing a quick goggle search for your region of the world to find the best pokies available for android devices. From there you will be exposed to countless review websites that have individually tested a number of android casinos and have found the pokies that have made the most impact in the world of online gambling. Online pokies using an android device will keep players in the loop and winning real money with the ultimate in convenience, safety and security.

The android platform has paved the way for any player to feel at ease when playing with real money online as they have developed the safest and most effective methods for any player to transact to and from the android sites or through the online casino apps that can be downloaded onto any state-of-the-art android smartphone or tablet that is available on the market.

Explored Roulette Game Strategies


It can be argued that the best-loved casino games amongst players living in Canada are video slots, as they line the walls of each and every brick and mortar Casino and are largely popular online.

However, irrespective of the amount of emphasis that a casino puts on a particular game due to its clear popularity, the roulette wheel is front and centre in just about all of the numerous casinos that span the world.

Online Roulette in Canada

The roulette wheel has become something of an icon in casinos today, with numerous online casinos displaying the wheel when marketing their various gambling opportunities and it is all due to the aforementioned popularity of online roulette in Canada and the rest of the world.

Over the years, roulette has evolved into the thrilling pastime we see today, and there are many variants that have and continue to pop up at some of the best online casinos available to Canadian players.

American and European are both popular and widely available in Canada, however, many players prefer the American roulette wheel with the additional 00 pocket because the action is fast-paced and it is slightly easier to bet.

Online Roulette Strategies

There is no single person in the world that can truly crack the code of how to win at roulette, which is largely due to the fact that there is a fair amount of luck involved when spinning a ball around a spinning wheel holding 36 or 37 pockets.

That said, there are a few strategies and techniques that players can adopt into their gameplay in order to leverage various betting options and ultimately accomplish a greater win.

Chaos Theorists

Before looking at tried and tested play roulette online with tips and strategies, it is important to mention that there was once a group of theorists that attempted to beat the house, and they succeeded in confirming that knowing about initial conditions can, in fact, help a player beat the odds.

The theorists ultimately estimated the velocity of the ball and then predict where the ball is more likely to fall and for what percentage of the time. While most players won’t be able to use this theory, however, the fact that wheels that have a ball dropping in from one side are easier to predict is certainly something worth noting.

Winning Strategies in Roulette

There are a few tips to take into consideration and possibly put into place when trying to get as close to winning as possible, one of which is to choose European roulette over the American version due to the fact that the European wheel has a lower house edge.

Other online roulette tips include betting on colours as they are outside bets and have higher odds, avoiding bets on individual numbers as they are inside bets and trying the Martingale Strategy. The Martingale Strategy says that if a player has been betting on red over black or odds over evens then they should continue to do so as there is a chance of the bet bearing fruition.

Players Enjoy European Roulette Games Online


European roulette was first invented in France in the 18th century, and has gained widespread popularity as a classic casino game in the years since. The aura this game has, its air of mystique, combined with the opportunity for players to win massive amounts of money on each spin of the wheel has served to attract new players, and ensure they return, for hundreds of years. Thanks to the fact that it is now available 24 hours a day, anywhere at all, by means of the World Wide Web, it is continuing to delight players and pad their pockets today.

While there are many different versions of this game to be found in online and land-based casinos these days, thanks to its roots, European roulette remains the all-time favourite. This variation also offers rules that favour the player to far greater degree than any other, particularly the American alternative, and, even when the specific rules governing this version of the game are not in force, the fact that the wheel has only a single zero ensures that this fact stands.

The Basic Rules for European Roulette

European roulette is a game played with a wheel containing 37 pockets. These pockets are numbered one through 36, with the remaining wheel featuring a zero. On each spin of the roulette wheel, the croupier in charge of the game places a small ball on its outside rim, and then sets the wheel spinning. This has the ball travelling around the edge of the roulette wheel for a period of time before it falls into one of the pockets –the number of the pocket that the ball falls into is the winning one for that round.

The player’s object during European roulette games is to predict which number will be the winning one. Players have a variety of extra options when it comes to betting as well, and do not have to name the exact number: there are ranges of numbers that can be selected, as well as bets placed on the colours of the pockets, as these alternate between red and black, with the zero pocket covered in green. Players are able to place as many bets as they wish to per spin.

The Two Main Bets for European Roulette

There are two main kinds of wagers available for European online roulette, the first being inside wagers. These are those that cover just one or a small amount of numbers, appearing on the inside part of the table layout as seen on a typical casino table. The second type, the outside bet, covers larger portions of the wheel’s numbers; pays out at far lower odds because of this; and are wagers made on the outside part of the table’s layout.

Inside bets include the straight, which covers one number; split, which covers two neighbouring numbers; the street, which covers a row of three numbers; corner, which covers a square made up of four numbers; and a six line, which covers two rows, and features six numbers in total.

Outside bets include the column, which covers a pillar of 12 numbers; dozen, which covers 12 consecutive numbers; odd/even, which covers the 18 numbers of each group; red/black, which covers all of the pockets which match the named colour; and one to 18/19 to 36, which covers all of the numbers in the given range.

Crocodopolis Slot Reviewed Online for Beginners

Crocodopolis is an online slot game set in the deserts of Egypt. The twist in this slot being that the pharaoh that rules this land is a crocodile headed being. The unique feature of this slot, other than the Free Spin and Gamble features is the Slide A Wild function that lets you modify the reels to trigger special functions.

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The Main Points of Judge Dredd Online Slot Highlighted for Players

Based on the 2000AD comics anti hero, Judge Dredd is an online slot game with instant prizes, free spins and the Superbet reel modifiers. There are 25 pay lines that you can activate with wagers of up to 100 per spin. The slot takes place in the futuristic metropolis, MegaCity 1 where crime is controlled by special police forces called the Judges who act as judge, jury and executioner.

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How to Play Online Casinos’ Best Games

Think before playing any online casino game. The question has always been with online casinos best games to play are which. And, just to whet the appetite of players, to clarify why they should put some effort into the selection of their casino game and become fully au fait with the rules, and which online casinos best games to play are, it is useful to know that double odds craps and blackjack have some of the lowest house edges of all; 0.6% and 0.8% respectively. The two games with some of the biggest house edges are the casino big 6 wheel and double 0 roulette games.

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Get Ready to Play 300 Shields Online Slot with Our Detailed Guide

300 Shields is action-packed high quality online video slot game produced by NextGen Gaming, the leaders in online casino software development. The theme of this game is all about the historical Spartan warriors who were the most feared military forces in the Greek world. This game is loosely based on the movie where 300 Spartans battled unimaginable armies 10 times their size. The backdrop of the game is picturesque open field where battles are won and lost. During live play, the symbols animate to create a more authentic feel to the game accompanied by the sounds of soldiers marching into battle.

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Spirit of the Inca Online Slots’ Deeper Details for Casino Players

Slots games will forever be one of the most popular attractions at any casino, whether it be an online one or a traditional one. Spirit of the Inca by Realtime Gaming is no exception to this rule. If you are an avid online casino slots game player, or if you’re just starting out and looking to learn the ropes of one of the games on offer, take a look below. Here, you will find everything you need to know about this Incan spirit-inspired pokies game so that you are fully prepared for it when you sit down to play.

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Online Pai Gow Poker Mentioned for Gamblers

Online pai gow poker is a derivative of the traditional game of pai gow. In pai gow poker, the game is played with a 52 card deck, plus a joker, in comparison to the dominoes that are used in the traditional version of the game. Online pai gow poker is set up in a way that allows six players to play against the banker, who might be the dealer, or might be one of the other players who is playing the game. If you have never played pai gow poker before, it has many similarities to traditional poker, but there are some key differences.

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